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Ski Dubai (Polar Pass - Snow Classic)

Theme and Water Parks

About Ski Dubai (Polar Pass - Snow Classic)

Ski Dubai Super Pass is one of the largest indoor ski and snow dome in the world. The stats say everything. The snow park covers 22,500 square meters with the height of the building at 25 storeys high. The construction covers an amazing 22,500 square meters covered with real snow all year round from the in house snow machine which makes 30 tons of snow each day by the process of putting pure 100% water, through a chiller to cool and then sent through a pipe system to the snow blowing guns located on the ceiling. When cooled water is mixed by blowing into a freezing cold area the water then turns to real snow, the same real snow you get in winter around the world. The constant temperature of the complex remains at a regular -1º to -4º Celsius. The slope is built similar to an upside “L” shape, taking the dimensions of the slope to 400 meters long and the width varying to a maximum of 80 meters and is covered in at least 3 feet of snow. You will be reminded that the longest stretch of the ski slope is reserved for advanced skiers as this will be the fastest section available. Beginners will not be allowed access to the ski slope until they have satisfied the instructors of the minimum capabilities. It is the perfect place to take the children with you, as there is more than enough to relieve any boredom that may have set in, and to cool the family down with its snow sports consisting of skiing, tobogganing , twin bobsled ride, a snowball throwing gallery and a snow “cavern” containing interactive experiences. There is the chance to build snowmen or just enjoy messing about on the snow hills away from the skiing activities. If you are lucky enough to be in the right place you will be snowed on during the snowfalls that tops the amount of snow up.


Unlimited access to Snow Park Rides(Ice Cave, Snow Plough Playground,Climbing Wall, Bobsled Runs, SnowBumpers, Sliding Hill, Zorb Ball (GiantBall) & Tubing Run) .One Chairlift Ride and one Mountain Thriller Ride. Winter clothing to use Socks and gloves to use and keep .

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Skiing. Penguin encounter Refreshments. Locker rental.



Cancellation Policy

Terms and Condition

There will be refundable deposit of AED 25 per guest will be collected for Access Card at Ski Dubai Admissions counter. * For safety reasons, children under two years of age are not allowed to enter Ski Dubai. * Guests under the age of 14 must be supervised by an adult of 16 years or above.

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Type: Individual

Price Per Adult: 295.00 AED
Price Per Child: 295.00 AED