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Study Abroad

Trust Travels & Tourism provides a wide range Academic programmes.

A) Students wishing to study in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, who do not have the basics of Russian language can apply for a preparatory year study Program at any Russian, Ukrainian or Belarusian University in which they learn Russian and other subjects related to the Specialty they will study in -preparation for university entry and the specialization they want.

B) Before Starting a Bachelor’s or master’s program, a student may invest one year in the foundation course in the preparatory department for foreigners.

The intensive program of the Russian language,( Usually, 4-6 hrs per day) preparatory year can provide you with more basis for studying in Russian.

Participants will study topics such as mathematics, physics, biology, etc, depending on their future studies, whether medicine, engineering or others.

C) You can easily do a preparatory year at one Russian or Ukrainian or Belarusian University and apply to any other university.

The preparatory year will help you to:

  1. 1) Master Russian language enough to study at a Russian University.
  2. 2) Get a certificate confirming your level in the Russian language exam TRKI or TORFL.
  3. 3) Refine your knowledge of exam topics.
  4. 4)Learn Russian traditions and adapt to the new lifestyle.

D) How much does it cost to study the preparatory year in Russia, Belarus or Ukraine?

  1. i)  The costs of the language program and the preparatory year study vary from one University to another.
  2. ii) In the end, If you are interested and want to study in one of these countries, kindly fill up the academic form in the link below.

We appreciate your Passion and will help you in achieving your goal.

Do not waste your time in hesitation and confusion.

Contact us and we will save you the trouble of searching and provide answers to all your questions at no cost.

For more questions and inquiries, please contact us

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